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The VSN300 Wifi Logger Card is a new, advanced expansion board for ABB's UNO and TRIO string inverters which provides residential and commercial users with an advanced and cost-effective solution for monitoring and controlling their photovoltaic system.

The VSN300 Wifi Logger Card is easy to install, for new and most existing string inverters by using the inverter's internal expansion slot.

The built-in IP networking connectivity and innovative Wi- Fi commissioning techniques enable this card to be easily configured for most Wi-Fi networks and access points without installing any additional external devices.

Complete, remote and local monitoring with Wifi Logger Card and new free mobile app.

Users have a complete remote and local monitoring experience when combining VSN300 Wifi Logger Card with ABB's new free mobile app "Plant Viewer for Mobile". It is available for both iOS and Android based devices.

The local web server in VSN300 Wifi Logger Card adds the ability to use a standard web browser to access inverter data.

The Wi-Fi Certified mark assures interoperability, security, easy installation, and reliability. With innovative commissioning and upgrade features, the VSN300 Wifi Logger Card provides the best user experience for ABB's customers.

Not only is the VSN300 Wifi Logger Card suitable for most of ABB's string inverters currently deployed, it takes advantage of the Hyperlink bus found in new inverters for obtaining real-time data that can be used for grid control power management.

The high-performance VSN 700 Data Logger provides simple and quick commissioning with device discovery and automatic IP addressing as well as remote management features.

This SunSpec compliant data logger records data and events from inverters, energy meters, weather stations, and other photovoltaic plant devices and acts as an Internet gateway to send the data securely and reliably to the Aurora Vision® Plant Management Platform for performance monitoring, condition monitoring and data reporting

The VSN?00 Data Logger is also available integrated in turn- key solutions, such as VSN?30 System Monitor.

Three performance levels

The VSN?00 Data Logger is available in three performance levels to fit anyone's budget and functionality

VSN?00-01 Data Logger is available to those residential customers who only need to monitor up to five (5) single- phase inverters.

VSN?00-03 Data Logger is a cost-optimized logger for small commercial installations up to ten (10) single and three phase string inverters and one weather station (VSN800).

VSN?00-05 Data Logger provides both customer data management and inverter command and control for commercial and utility PV system operation, as well as SCADA integration.

The VSN800 Weather Station automatically monitors site meteorological conditions and photovoltaic panel temperature in real-time, transmitting sensor measurements to the Aurora Vision® Plant Management Platform.

The VSN800 contains the essential environmental sensor set needed for solar monitoring. The expanded sensor set enables plant management across a broad range of plant sizes.

VSN800 is a companion to the VSN?00 Data Logger, the VSN?30 System Monitor, or the VSN?50 Plant Manager where it is fully compatible and integrates seamlessly with the Aurora Vision® Plant Management Platform.

Shipped preconfigured and ready for installation requiring no special tools.

The VSN800 Weather Station is delivered ready for installation and when used requires the installer to mechanically mount the modules on a user-supplied mast, connect power and communication, and initialize the automatic system commissioning process from the VSN?00. No special software, or on-site calibration is required.

The all-in-one weather station reduces the installation, support and maintenance cost as well as improves the robustness and manageability of the PV plant monitoring solution.

The basic sensor set provides data needed to calculate a performance ratio allowing a plant operator to track solar array performance against expected energy production The advanced sensor set improves monitoring of weather conditions that can effect energy production. The extra irradiance sensor for mounting at the plane of the array allows more accurate measurement of irradiance that is incident in the plane of the solar panels.

Wind speed & direction sensor gives the operator information about how the wind may be cooling the panels and some indication of how much dust may be accumulating on the panels.

Monitoring & Communications: WIFI Logger Card

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